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We want to say thank you to all of our wonderful customers that took time to write us these great emails.
"I am so pleased with your service. Boy, the box came so fast, so much quicker than I expected!! It only took 2 days to ship from Oregon to New York--Amazing! Thanks for the
e-mail telling me when it shipped."
"I really appreciate this!! Dell's prices are too high. Your 10% off coupon is great! I really like the little business card size coupons- I will give them to my friends. I think this is my 2nd order from you-- it will not be my last! Thank You!"

"Was very pleased with quickness of order to arrive to my door (beats the hassle of running to the store). The price is amazing and thus far have had no problems with any of the inks. I have probably used Printpal 8 or 9 times, all without incident - have no fear - this is a great service and product."

When it comes to new service ideas, PrintPal was as good as the Invention of Sliced Bread.

"I received your nicely wrapped package yesterday and popped in a color cartridge and my system printed the same as if I had installed the costly Epson original. Paying $9.95 as opposed to $29.95 for basically the same thing is insane. I ran tests on various types of paper and compared the same pictures to Epson ink and I find no variation at all - even using the 8x loop. You will continue to have my future orders and I will pass your site along to all of those I know with printers. Your calling to let me know the order was being executed is a nice touch more companies should adhere to. You are a top-notch company and your paying the postage is another plus. Your phone people are very friendly and courteous. You get a 100+ for overall ease of ordering -phone contact and delivery of your excellent products. You have to be the envy of the email world and you should be the #1 model for others to imitate."

"I just have to say, that I was very impressed with the fast delivery. I couldn't wait to try them in the computers as they were both out of black ink. I do have to admit that I had my reservations about ordering this product off the internet, but I thought I would never know if I didn't. They work just like the ones I had been using. I was using Epson at first then used an office supply store brand which was only about $10.00 cheaper than the Epson. But, yours were cheaper by far. I know you have my business and hopefully all of my friends too. Thank you for the e-mail and letting me know it was shipped. I look forward to doing years of business with you."

"I received my printer cartridge this past Saturday, and everything is working wonderfully. I, like all your other customers, now refuse to pay outrageous prices for Canon products...thank goodness I found your website when I needed it most! is a lifesaver!"

"I received my seven cartridges today by priority mail. I printed off a couple of documents to see how they work. There is no difference in the quality of printing from the Canon cartridges. your product is excellent. I told my boss at work how much your replacement cartridges cost and his jaw dropped to the floor. I work for a Body Shop and the office uses a lot of ink, so I will tell them and anyone else I run into how well they worked. Once again thanks for the good product and the excellent service."

"I just received my Printpal order yesterday.  I am so glad that your product was exactly what I expected.  I have told all of my friends and family about Printpal.  It is nice to know that you saved me a ton of money and the cartridge worked perfectly.  I will always order from you!"
-Dana B.

"I can't believe my order got her so fast!  Thank you for your fast service!"

"Thank you both for your excellent product at reasonable prices and your attention to delivery. The package arrived earlier than expected and is exactly what was ordered (not always the case these days). Thanks again."

"Thank you for the expeditious shipment!  I've installed it and gave it a few tests!  Works normally just like the regular HP product!  I'm very appreciative of your fast service and quality!   I'm sure I'll be a regular customer of Printpal from now on."

"I just received my order from your company and wanted to say thank you. Your company is extremely quick and the quality seems to be fantastic. I will continue to use your company for my future needs and will highly recommend it to all of my friends."

"I have received your order yesterday, and I am so far very pleased with the cartridge, I am also referring you company to friends of mine. Thank you for sending it priority mail."

"I want to thank you for your promptness.  I will continue doing my business with you.  Thank you again."

"I just wanted to send you a note, to say how satisfied I am with your ink cartridges. I ordered the JetPak. This is the first time that I received a cartridge from online that worked. I will be telling all my friends about this, and recommend you highly.  And will be ordering again....Thank you so much."

"Thank you for sending me the e-mail explaining that my order had been shipped and the probable date of delivery. It was very considerate and thoughtful of you to take the time to do this. Usually, when a company receives their payment, they send stuff when they get around to it.  It is so comforting to know that there is a company out there in the "enormous world of the Internet" that takes an extra step and goes that extra mile to make a difference.  In this "hurry-scurry" world we live in, those 'extra touches' often go by the way-side."

"I received my order last week just 5 days after ordering. You put Amazon, and a whole host of other online retailers to shame. Your "ordering" site was efficient and easy to use, the confirmation was timely as was the delivery email. On top of that your prices are amazing as was the free shipping. I can't wait for my printer to ask me for a new cartridge so I can then try your product. I will certainly be ordering again as will all my friends."

"THANX for your prompt service. I hope your product is as good as your customer service."

"I just received my cartridges, and I am so happy that I do not know how to thank you. For once I can make my orders and receive them with no problem. I fixed them into my printer right away and they work like new!"

"I received the package a few days ago. I must say I am impressed with the speed. Thank you very much and I do look forward doing business with you in the future. Good luck to you and your company."

"Hello, living in rural Alaska its nice to be able to order products off the internet with confidence.  Printpal has one of the finest systems I have encountered.  Its easy to order, delivery is prompt, and the follow-up is stress reliving.  The messages you send to confirm the order has been received and when the product is shipped are just plain courteous.  Thanks for making the experience of shopping on-line so easy."
-R Shultz

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