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Search Tips

In order to get the best results, when using our search, you will want to enter terms that are specific to what you are looking for. The best way to narrow your search down is to type a cartridge part number or printer model. You can include the brand name (ie Epson, HP, etc.) as long as you include a cartridge number or printer model. Below are a couple examples of the right way to get the best results. 

Part Number Example:  You are looking for an HP61 Inkjet Print Cartridge 

Good search terms: 

HP61XL     or     HP61 REMAN (this will give you the results for only products associated with that cartridge) 

Bad search terms: 

HP Black Cartridge     or     Color ink for HP 

Printer Model Example:  You are looking for an Epson Stylus C41SX 

Good search terms: 

Stylus C41SX     or     C41SX 

Bad search terms: 

Epson Printer Stylus     or     Stylus     or     Sylus for Epson

(If your search contained multiple words, some of the results will only match one of the words. Be careful to make sure the items listed are what you are trying to purchase. The best results are always from searching on the name or number of the product.