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Halloween Bonus Slots for iPhone & iPad

For a frightening good time play Halloween Bonus Slots year-round, not just around Halloween.

Our philosophy: Instead of combining several good slot machine games into one app, we have tried to create the best slot machine game you have ever experienced. We guarantee that you've never seen another slot game quite like this one.

Game Features:
  • Works on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1 and above
  • Casino or Video Style Gameplay for iPhone 5 & 6
  • Four exciting Bonus Games - We have included 4 different bonus games that keep the thrill alive!
  • Boosts - We have 4 fun boosts that can bring you a Big Win!
  • Webs - This boost will allow you to lock reels that you want to keep and only spin the unlocked reels.
  • Nudges - This boost will nudge the reel you select so the symbols move down one position for each nudge used.
  • Explosion - This boost will explode the symbols on a reel and let it spin again in hope of a winning payline.
  • Magic - This boost will cause all five reels to start spinning frantically until you get a winning spin.
  • Autospin - You can autospin and save the time of hitting Spin. It will stop once you earn a trip to the Bonus Games.
  • Exciting Features - Earn Free Spins, Bonus Games, Wilds and New Levels.
  • Play Anytime - You can play when you are connected or offline, so enjoy playing anytime!

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