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Product Availability

What does in stock status mean?

If an item is in stock it will generally ship that day (Monday - Friday).

What does Ships in 1-3 days status mean?

If an item is on backorder generally it means we do not have the item in stock but we expect to in 1-3 business days. The item is available for ordering but it will hold up the entire order until all items on the order are in stock. We wish we could ship partial orders but with offering free shipping we are not able to. You can always place an order with all the in stock items and a separate order for just the back ordered products since shipping is free this won't cost you extra. This does cost us extra but if you really need 1 of the items bad we would rather you do this than lose a valued customer.

You will always be able to view your order status online so you will know exactly when the order has shipped. We will contact you by email or put a note in your account, if the backorder lasts more than the expected 1-3 business days.

What does Out of Stock or Waiting List status mean?

If an item is out of stock or on waiting list status, generally it means we do not have the item in stock and we are not sure when more will arrive. The item is not available for ordering but we can put you on a list to be notified when they arrive. You will have the first chance at the item if you are on the waiting list.